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Coyote Sky: Worldbuilding

A world in which you can’t die, but all the insanity of suffering and abuse persists. The key feature here is the answer to the question of what happens when an irresistible force meets an unmovable object. The only way to answer is to step outside the frame of the question. If there is a coherent result, the parts of the puzzle must be relatable, in this case, by being made of the same more fundamental elements.

The answer of course is chaos. The fundamental elements of both are the same. We may be motivated by pleasure and risk, but we are moved by experience and habit. That leaves one thing which is nonnegotiable: empathy and depth in stories and I will comment on it only if I have to, because you’re all adults, amirite?

So on to the fun stuff. I’m going to be posting cards and card templates for characters to play and write with. These will go in the discord server which is linked on my Twitter account. I’m thinking of making a account. You may use the cards in your stories, in the game world, even offsite.

One last thing: the discord is primarily for the game world. But there’s a marketplace where you can sell books and other items. There is even a cabaret to perform in and even a channel for requesting investment in projects. And going back to the empathy and depth, there is a whole section for relaxing and unloading the world’s stresses and drama.